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Safety Med Ltd manufacture and supply high quality stainless steel operating theatre equipment and accessories. They are also specialist suppliers of electrical product solutions for theatres and wards.

Offering a wide range of hospital theatre equipment and accessory solutions, Safety Med Ltd also supply a varied range of hospital equipment for use in the general wards.Their in-house design facilities allow the provision of a comprehensive service to supply tailor made equipment to your specifications.

Extensive experience of working with medical professionals means that Safety Med Ltd can provide advice and suggestions in order to achieve your requirements. All items are produced using materials of the highest standard and all upholstery is manufactured from top quality anti-static and anti-bacterial fabric.

All of our electrical extension units are manufactured to the highest standards and rigorously tested and CE marked.Their unique design enables infection control by allowing thorough cleaning and any liquid spilt onto the unit either falls down the central drain or drips off overhang. Designed and manufactured for specific use in a hospital environment and unique to Safety Med Ltd.

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Despite the continual rising costs of materials over the last 3 years we have so far been able to avoid increasing the prices of our products. Unfortunately we are no longer able to absorb these financial pressures and so from January 1st 2022...


If you wish to take advantage of current prices on our products, please get your order in before the end of
December 2021.
We thank you for your custom and business over recent years and we look forward to continuing to support you through 2022 and beyond.

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Expert medical equipment solutions for hospital theatres, ICU & HD units.


  • “The drip stands with electrical sockets have proved very useful and popular with the ODPs working in anaesthetics. With all the electrical items that seem to be standard these days, the 8 and 10 way sockets are more than adequate and cope with a range of electrical items. For example fluid warming unit, warming mattress, several syringe drivers and other items that require electrical supply. We also use the drip stands as charging points for various items.
    Overall they have been a great success and I would be more than happy to recommend to other units.”

    Ian Fort, Theatre Procurement Manager, Senior OPD
    The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, Oswestry

  • “I have just spoken to one of our senior ODPs and he is more than happy to recommend the IV stand. If we had the finances we would have one in every theatre. Multi point access from a single point, no trailing cables - excellent for health and safety and a nice long cable.

    Kings Mill Hospital, Nottinghamshire

  • “I am glad to inform you that we have 35 Mob8 (Medically Graded Mobile Mains Extension) with 8 sockets. These are used inside our theatres for easy linking to other medical devices and easy to implement infection control.
    Overall they have been a great success and I would be more than happy to recommend them.”

    Rasik Sanganee
    St George’s Healthcare, NHS Trust

  • "Thank you Safety Med for your continued support in the supply of our medical equipment. In particular the IV extension for electrical supply has been most beneficial. During trauma procedures and/or procedures involving major complex spinal fixations etc they are particularly useful. Everything is contained in one area and there are no trailing wires.
    We also attach our swab counter bags onto the IV stand so it is very multi-functional. In our interventional x-ray department we have one without the IV stand attached which is still as useful. It is one of the simplest items in terms of design but definitely one of the most useful.”

    The Walton Centre, Liverpool

  • “I would just like to say that we in theatre have found the IV10T drip stand to be the most useful piece of equipment we have to date. It has saved us from an ongoing headache with regards to cables being laid all over the theatre floor not to mention the extension sets we have had to use just to get equipment near to the operating table.
    The IV10T is used to store our Fluid Warmer, Bair Hugger, flatiron pump; we also plug in our orthopaedic shavers as well as our TIVA pumps. This one cable from the drip stand has replaced 6 cables from being all over the floor.
    I cannot rate this product high enough, to the point we will be ordering more for our other theatres."

    Kevin.Saunders, Senior ODP


Receive your
Replacement Stool Seat Cover
worth £33.10
when you buy any
Surgeon Stool


  • Easy Clean Versions available
  • Manufactured from High Quality 304 Stainless Steel
  • 4 or 5 Leg – available with or without Castors
  • All Stools are height adjustable via screw action as standard
  • Gas Strut height adjustment is available at extra cost
  • Seat and Backrest Pads are covered in Anti Static and Anti Bacterial Material
  • All Cushions are Latex Free and Fire retardant
  • Replacement Seat Covers, Backrest Pads, Castors and Feet are available to purchase separately

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